Edelsbrunner, Peter

Peter Edelsbrunner


ETH Zürich

Doktorat D-GESS

RZ  H 13 

Clausiusstrasse 59

8092 Zürich


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Doctoral Student

Are you a (phd-)student/postdoc in Psychology interested in international research experience?
Take a look at the Junior Researcher Programme that I am involved in.

Are you interested in Bayesian Statistics?
Take a look at my (and Fabian Dablander's) blog post and workshop materials on the topic.

Are you interested in different approaches to Rasch modeling?
Take a look at my current presentation (in German) to see how different approaches evoke different interpretations.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF, 189 KB)

Research Interests

  • Knowledge Development and Cognitive Abilities
  • Longitudinal Mixture Models of Knowledge Development
  • Multivariate Statistical Methods and Theory Development


Formal and Informal Learning and First-Year Psychology Students’ Development of Scientific Thinking: A Two-Wave Panel Study.
Soyyilmaz Demet, Laura M. Griffin, Miguel H. Martin, Šimon Kucharský, Ekaterina D. Peycheva, Nina Vaupotič, and Peter A. Edelsbrunner
Frontiers in Psychology, (2017) Lausanne: Frontiers Research Foundation.
Instruction or discovering of crucial principles in mathematics learning.
Esther Ziegler, Peter A. Edelsbrunner, and Elsbeth Stern
(2016) Zürich: Universität Zürich.
Associations between risk behaviour and social status in European adolescents.
M.L.F. Agan, A.S. Costin, M.H.F. Deutz, P.A. Edelsbrunner, L. Zalis, and A. Franken
European Journal of Developmental Psychology, (2015) Abingdon: Routledge.
Item Response Theory Harming Research Progress? The Influence of Uninformed Statistical Practices on a Blooming Research Field.
Fabian Dablander, and Peter A. Edelsbrunner
Book of Abstracts: 4th Junior Researcher Programme Conference, (2015) Brussels, Belgium: EFPSA.
Experimentation Skills and Conceptual Knowledge Development in Early Science Education: A Latent Transition Analysis.
Peter A. Edelsbrunner, Lennart Schalk, Ralph Schumacher, and Elsbeth Stern
(2015) Jena: Lehrstuhl für Methodenlehre und Evaluationsforschung.
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